The realities of student poverty, distractions, and complicated lives take a toll on the education goals of a school. As communities of people drawn together in faith and love, churches are uniquely poised to step into the gap for kids and their communities.

Whether it's volunteering in the classroom to support teachers, or running an after school program, we want to walk the path together. By entering into a supportive partnership with a school, we can make the kind of difference that transforms a community, for good. See one of our partnerships in action in this video. 

our role is to:


We support partnerships between churches and schools by connecting the resources of local ministries with school programs, teachers, administrators, and others who know the school’s needs.


We facilitate training opportunities that enhance existing partnerships and encourage additional relationships between churches and schools.


As a Network we share stories, ideas, and best practices from the partnerships. We gather volunteers, ministry leaders, administrators, teachers, students, and families to celebrate the relationships and successes accomplished through these partnerships.