Information for Schools


How SHine works with a school

Through a formal MOU and support from the APS administration, Shine seeks to bring together the mission and needs of the school with the mission and resources of the church to increase the common good for our community.

Shine and APS work with the school to assess the priority needs that the school is facing. Shine then seeks a church in the school's community that will partner with the school to help to meet the identified needs. Shine church partners are selectively chosen and trained in Shine's model before partnering with a school. 

The Shine partnership model

The Shine model of partnership began as a pilot program at Mission Ave Elementary. Through lessons learned over 3 years an effective model of partnering a church and a school was created and approved by APS administration. Shine church partners are trained by Shine and agree to use this model in partnering with schools. 

A Shine Partnership is a long-term, committed relationship between a church and a school with the goal of meeting needs in these three areas:

Student Enrichment | Family Development | Teacher Support

A Shine partner comes to the school with one agenda, to ask the question “How can we help?” Programs are then developed based on the needs identified by each school and the resources of the church. Shine can then become the valuable, flexible resource that the school needs it to be. 


Shine practices a developmental model in meeting the needs of families. 

Families in generational poverty can often feel they are fighting upstream in a river of problems. Shine seeks to do more than simply provide mercy relief or betterment strategies (pulling them out of the river for the moment). By using a development model Shine seeks to address what pushed them into the river in the first place. 

"We must come to deeply believe that every person, no matter how destitute or broken, has something of worth to bring to the table." Robert Lupton


Shine is NOT a religious program

Churches are uniquely resourced and motivated to serve their community. We seek to connect the resources of a church or religious organization with a school.

The benefit of this partnership is owned by the school. The only benefit to the church is an opportunity to show love and serve their community.

We believe as a church we have received a free gift of love and so are compelled to give love freely. Our goal with Shine is to love with no hidden agenda.

(Shine is NOT a proselytizing program)