how to get started

The first step to a successful Shine Partnership is a leadership team and congregation that have a true understanding of the needs of our schools and truly understand the calling to be the good news to our city.  Start by praying together for the needs of our city and particularly for the needs in the school that you will partner with. Pray over Matthew 6:10  “your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  Ask the question, “If God’s will was done in our city’s schools, what would be different.” Contact Shine to attend a training and start our partnering process. 


develop a core team

Decide who will lead this ministry. Your mission’s pastor, a new hire or volunteer? Find people in your church who have a passion for education. Bring them into your initial planning.


shine partnership coordinator

Do you have a leader in your church that can commit to being the Shine Coordinator?

This person is someone who embodies the vision of Shine. Who is capable of humbly leading a team and forming genuine relationships with school staff? The Coordinator is the connector between the church and the school.

The coordinator is expected to have a regular presence at the school with the goal of forming a relationship with the key players (principal, school counselor, family liaison, social worker, community school director). The coordinator will attend meetings at the school and work to discover the obstacles that the school is facing and develop a plan of action. The Coordinator will regularly communicate the mission and vision of Shine with the congregation and recruit volunteers for the school.


shine's partnering process

  1. Church commits to partnering with Shine and identifies a coordinator

  2. Shine Coordinator training

  3. A partner school is identified

  4. APS calls the school and sets up a meeting with APS, Shine Director, and Principal to complete a school needs assessment

  5. The results of the assessment are shared with the church.

  6. A meeting is scheduled with the Shine Director, the church coordinator, and the principal to discuss the resources of the church and set initial goals to assist in meeting priority needs

  7. The church receives ongoing support through Shine’s Partner Network


benefits of being a Shine partner

  • Working under a formal MOU with APS

  • Trust of the school staff in a program/brand that is backed by administration, builds relational equity upfront.

  • Ability to serve the school during school hours, interfacing with students, families, and teachers

  • A ready avenue to plug in your people for mission

  • Many levels of serving the school community will be identified that stretch beyond the walls of the school

  • Ongoing training, collaboration, resources, and support

  • Shared materials for organizing volunteers and running different programs